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The Reviews Are In!

See what your colleagues are saying about the new ANSI class.

We don't want to brag, but our students sure do know how to make us feel like we are doing things right. See what they are saying about our ANSI measurement class.

"This ANSI class is awesome! Even after 14 years in the business, I'm learning something new in every chapter. Honestly, it should be mandatory qualifying education for all real estate professionals."

"Better than Mckissock. I've used them for nearly 20 years. As long as you offer courses I need, I will continue to use your service. Thank you for an alternative.​"

"I found the course very informative and felt like the videos helped in understanding the important information being conveyed. The whole experience was easy to understand and I was able to work through the material efficiently. I would definitely recommend to appraisers looking to get on the same page with ANSI standards." 

"As strange as it may sound, I'm looking forward to taking your next course. I'd never thought I'd say that about continuing education"

"This was fantastic, there is no formal training for size, this should be a required course for licensing! Thank you​"

"If all future "KY approved" courses are this straightforward, down to earth, and not (assuming here) written by attorneys or professors (or wanna be attorneys/professors)...our office will be switching to your service as our online continuing ed provider."

"This was my first online CE appraisal course. It turned out to be enjoyable and informative. The information was presented in a non condescending manner and provoked much thought on the student.​"

"One of the highest quality online courses I have taken" 

"Great!  This was the most informative continuing education class I've had in a while.  I recommend it be mandatory qualifying education for ALL real estate professionals.​"

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